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Common Questions
What is speech-language pathology?

Speech-Language Pathology is a health profession aimed at helping individuals develop effective communication skills. Professionals in this field are educated and trained to evaluate as well as treat patients with speech, language, and swallowing problems.

What is a speech-language evaluation?

A speech-language evaluation is performed by a Speech-Language Pathologist to gain insight into a patient's speech, language, communication, and/or swallowing skills. A speech-language pathologist will obtain a variety of scores from the tests utilized during the evaluation. These scores (standard scores, age equivalents and percentile ranks), as well as information from other forms of testing, help the Speech-Language Pathologist determine if a patient has a  communication disorder and/or requires therapy.
A report is then generated to make recommendations for intervention and to help other professionals make diagnostic decisions.

What areas are addressed in treatment?

Speech-language treatment plans and goals are created and implemented based on the patients individual needs. Individual therapy may address: articulating sounds clearly, increasing expressive language, improving swallowing skills, oral motor skills, stuttering, social skills and many other individualized goals.

How long does speech therapy last?

Speech therapy can vary from a short duration to a lengthier duration depending on the type and severity of the speech-language deficit. Each case needs to be individually analyzed and discussed with the Speech Language Pathologist within the context of the remediation process.

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