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"My son had the unique opportunity to work with both Jodie and Valintean for his speech therapy.  He worked with both therapists for about two years on his speech delay.   As a young child he was very shy and afraid to make mistakes as he was learning his new sounds and oral muscle movements.  Jodie and Valintean were both patient and found ways to connect with him and made him feel comfortable enough to open up and progress in his therapies.  In my opinion having a speech therapist that includes the parents or caregivers in the protocol is key to making huge strides towards success.  Both Jodie and Valintean always made sure I was informed on what we could do at home to continue to improve.  We were both fortunate to be able to work with them and to guide him into a song speaking child."


"Thank you for your hard work and dedication. My granddaughter needed help with her vocabulary and speech. Mrs. Valintean worked long and hard with her and now she is above a lot of her peers. Mrs. Valintean made her feel confident and gave her the will to do anything. Thank you again." -SKP

"Mrs. Valintean is so efficient and helpful. She goes the extra mile when helping my daughter. I love the fact that she sends homework so I can help also facilitate my daughter's learning."  - T.B.

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